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Social media is a powerful tool to reach your audience and make connections with people. If you have a large following on Instagram or other platforms, you can use it to make money! Let’s go over some ways that you can earn money through instagram.

Sign up for the right social media platforms.

You can use social media to promote your brand, other people’s brands and yourself. To do that, you need to sign up for the right social media platforms.

In addition to Instagram (which we’ll discuss shortly), there are many other popular platforms out there: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are some of the most well-known ones; however there are also niche networks like Pinterest or Reddit where you may find an audience more interested in what you have to say than on Instagram or Facebook where everyone is competing for attention with millions of other people who post content daily!

Build Your Brand.

  • Build Your Brand.

Your Instagram account is your brand, so you want it to reflect who you are and what you do in a consistent way. Think about how your photos make people feel when they look at them, and try to create a theme throughout all of them that evokes those emotions. For example, if the photos are dark and edgy with an urban vibe (like those of street photographer @jonasleblanc), then use filters that enhance this look–like A6 or L1A1–and hashtags like “#photographer” or “street photography”. If your photos have more of a soft focus effect with muted colors (like those by @natgeo), then choose filters like Lo-Fi or Kelvin that complement this style while still being true to yourself as an artist/photographer/whatever else makes up who YOU ARE as an individual!

  • Tag Yourself In It! We see this one all time: “Hey check out my photo from last summer!!” Well guess what? No one cares unless there’s some kind of context behind it…which means tagging yourself in every single picture so people know why it’s relevant! You can even tag yourself multiple times per post if necessary; just don’t go overboard because then no one will read anything else but just keep scrolling down forever until they reach infinity which isn’t really possible but whatever let’s move on already shall we?

Build Your Audience.

To start building your audience, you can reach out to friends and family. They are the people who know you best and are most likely to follow you on Instagram. You can also use hashtags to find people with similar interests as well as tools like InstaAnalytics that show which accounts are following yours.

You can also use influencers in order to expand the reach of your account by promoting products or services through them. This is a great way for brands looking for exposure on social media platforms because it gives them access to large audiences without having any direct contact with those audiences themselves (which would be expensive).

Create Posts that Engage Your Audience and Increase Engagement.

  • Create Posts that Engage Your Audience and Increase Engagement.

A large part of the money you earn on Instagram comes from the amount of engagement your posts receive. The more likes, comments and shares your content receives, the more likely it will be seen by other users who could also engage with it. The best way to increase engagement is by creating posts that are relevant to your audience and interesting enough that they want to interact with them in some way (likes/comments).

Post Schedule your posts, but don’t be a robot!

Posting at the same time every day is a good idea. It helps to build your audience, and it’s easy to remember. But don’t be robotic! Posting too much will cause people to unfollow you, so try not to post more than two or three times per day at most.

If you’re using Instagram as part of your business strategy (and if not, why not?), then scheduling posts is essential. There are plenty of tools out there that can help with this task–my personal favorite is Latergramme because it allows me to schedule everything from photos and videos all the way down through comments and likes for each post in advance so everything goes out exactly when I want it without any effort on my part.

Posting consistently on weekends also helps keep followers engaged with what’s happening in their lives outside work hours while giving them something fun/entertaining/interesting/informative/etc., instead just posting an endless stream of ads trying desperately hard not seem too salesy about whatever product/service being offered online nowadays.”

Get Paid to Promote Products and Services on Instagram.

In this section, we’ll discuss how to get paid to promote products and services on Instagram.

How much can you make?

You can make anywhere between $100-$1000 per month depending on the size of your following and the number of followers each person has. If you have a large following, then it’s likely that companies will be willing to pay more for access to those people in order to advertise their products or services. Why do it?

It’s a great way for influencers with large followings (i.e., celebrities) who want extra revenue streams without having any experience promoting products/services before! All they need is an Instagram account with at least 10k+ followers so they’re eligible for offers from various brands that want exposure through them as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook Live video streaming where users can watch live streams right away without waiting like YouTube does where there are sometimes delays between uploading videos onto its platform versus watching them later because another one might come up while waiting around after watching something else first before returning back again later if ever interested enough again later down the road.”

If you have a large audience on Instagram, you can use it to make money!

If you have a large audience on Instagram, you can use it to make money!

You can make money through Instagram by promoting products and services. You can also make money through affiliate programs, where you get paid when people buy something from the site that you linked them to. And if your audience is large enough, brands will sometimes pay for sponsored posts (i.e., those ads that look like regular photos).


If you have a large audience on Instagram, you can use it to make money! The best way to do this is by promoting products and services that are relevant to your followers. You can also make money by posting sponsored content on your feed or Stories.

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